Practical Fatherhood Set 2 Modules

  • Item # 7601EWYL-PF
  • Length 0 minutes
  • Produced 10/1/2012

This Practical Fatherhood series contains 2 modules, 4 DVDs and 9 pieces of literature. Topics include Real Time, Discipline, Leading, Respecting Parents, Situational Discipline, Being Consistant and more. All 10 lessons have DVD counterpart. See more online at

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  • Curriculum Yes
  • Homework Yes
  • Online Yes, subscription based
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All videos are audience reviewed by millennial and post-millennial audiences who provide extensive pre/post testing data. They rate each video based on 12 key characteristics on a five-point scale resulting in insightful feedback for the producers and our customers. See the image above for the results.