Your Unborn Baby's Secret World

  • Item # 7712UB
  • Length 16 minutes
  • Produced 1/1/2014

As recently as 25 years ago, we thought unborn babies were unaware of anything outside the womb. Since then, though, science has gained a better understanding of Your Unborn Baby’s Secret World. That secret place inside you where your unborn baby resides is not a deep, dark cave where she is hidden away, awaiting her birth. Far from it, your womb is her classroom, where she has begun a lifetime of learning, sampling, accepting, and rejecting - in short the process of growing that will continue throughout her life, from conception on.

Topics Include: 1st trimester •2nd trimester •3rd trimester •Ultrasound •learn in the womb •hear in womb •hears music •sees light •taste in womb •unborn baby •sucking thumb •mood

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