Infant Bonding

  • Item # 7713MF
  • Length 36 minutes
  • Produced 1/1/2014

This DVD includes three videos in one: EYE CONTACT MEANS LOVE: Eye contact is important even as infants and it is key to the process of establishing emotional bonds with family. This video explores the development that is supported and the bonding that is encouraged through the intentional use of up-close-eye-contact. 11 min, 13 sec. INFANT TEMPERAMENT: The basic needs of most babies are all the same, but every baby has a unique temperament. This video looks at the different types of temperament and helps the viewer understand the natural differences that can be cherished in each child. 12 min, 34 sec. THE IMPORTANCE OF BONDING: The love bond between child and parent is the foundation upon which all discipline, relationships, and self-esteem is based. This video instructs both on the importance of bonding and good practices to promote bonding. 12 min, 21 sec.

  • Instructions Yes
  • Curriculum Yes
  • Homework Yes
  • Online Yes, subscription based
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