Going It Alone

  • Item # 7701GA
  • Length 25 minutes
  • Produced 9/1/2015

When looking at being a mother, many don’t understand the important pieces that need to work together to make a life with a young child. This DVD goes through the essential needs of every single mother including the 4 most important: Shelter, Income, Food, and Transportation. Each need is discussed and options are given as possible solutions. Then, the emotional needs of both the mother and the child are discussed and advice and help is given to encourage an emotionally healthy family. Finally, their intellectual needs are discussed with encouragement for continuing education and appropriate play for the child.

Topics Included: • 2nd trimester •3rd trimester •single parenting •basic needs •parenting alone •shelter •Income •work •assistance •food •WIC •transportation •budgeting •emotional needs •friendships •dating •dating dangers •baby’s emotional needs •discipline •schooling •GED •college •technical schools •online school •parenting classes •planning •goals

  • Instructions Yes
  • Curriculum Yes
  • Homework Yes
  • Online Yes, subscription based
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