Simple Infant Care

  • Item # 7728SC
  • Length 19 minutes
  • Produced 9/1/2016

Many less common but important topics of infant care are not often discussed, particularly from a researched and documented position. This video will provide mothers with information on a variety of less common subjects that are important to the well-being of their child. Some of these include how to hold a newborn, techniques for soothing a crying baby, bed sharing, burping, infant walkers, pacifiers, and more. Each section is based on research and professional recommendations by leading medical organizations. After watching this video, new parents will be able to make informed and study-based choices in each subject for the care of their newborn.

Topics Include: newborn •bed-sharing •co-sleeping •SIDS •sudden infant death syndrome •room-sharing •crying •crying checklist •crying spells •soothing •swaddling •skin-to-skin •pacifier •burping •spit up •vomiting •holding •supporting neck •infant carriers •check carrier •back carrier •car seat carriers •infant walkers •dressing infant

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  • Curriculum Yes
  • Homework Yes
  • Online Yes, subscription based
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