Big Belly Mom Hacks

  • Item # 77974BB
  • Length 28 minutes
  • Produced 2/1/2017

Everyone may seem like an expert when it comes to your pregnancy. Friends, family, and even strangers may offer advice as you experience the changes that come with your pregnancy. Even when this advice comes from well-meaning friends and family, it is important to make sure it is GOOD advice. In this video, we will talk about how to overcome some of the more usual challenges and discomforts with some mom-tried and approved tips.

Topics Include: 2nd trimester •3rd trimester •hacks •clothes •stretchy pants •waistband extenders •DIY elastic waistbands •tops •DIY Tunic •belly bands •DIY belly band •bra extender •sports bra •secondhand clothes •nausea hacks •crackers •ginger •lemon •smoothie •DIY ginger syrup •headache hacks •tendon pain hacks •rest •decaf •yoga •meditation •water •massage •varicose veins hacks •weight •prop feet •swelling feet hacks •skincare hacks •stretch mark hacks •acne hacks •sleep hacks

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  • Curriculum Yes
  • Homework Yes
  • Online Yes, subscription based
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