Your Ultrasound Appointment

  • Item # 77977UA
  • Length 18 minutes
  • Produced 7/30/2017

Getting to see your unborn baby on an ultrasound machine is an exciting and special event for any parent. It’s like unwrapping a wonderful gift as the scanner zooms in on your baby moving and bouncing around in your womb. But, as exciting as it is to see, there is more to an obstetric ultrasound than just a thrill for the parents. Medical providers are also able to track the development, growth, due date, and overall health of an unborn baby. This video will discuss what to expect at an ultrasound appointment and will give an incredible glimpse of your unborn baby’s world.

Topics Include: sound waves •transvaginal •transabdominal •2D •3D •gestational sac •ectopic •genetic disorder •nuchal translucency •level-two

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