Eating for Two

  • Item # 78405ET
  • Length 23 minutes
  • Produced 11/28/2018

When you’re pregnant, both you and your baby need nourishment in order to thrive. But what does eating for two really mean? Do you get to eat one cookie for yourself and one for the baby, and should you double your portions? In this video, we will look at the diet a pregnant mom should consume and how many more calories are needed to support a healthy pregnancy. We’ll also talk about what foods are healthy, which ones to avoid, and how to manage those cravings that can drive you crazy!

Topics Include: weight gain •overeating •nutrition •Fruits •vegetables •grains •proteins •dairy •fats •oils •meals •snacks •sugars •caffeine •fish •Listeria •unpasteurized dairy •cravings •pica •obesity •underweight

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  • Homework Yes
  • Online Yes, subscription based
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