Your First Trimester

  • Item # 78406YF
  • Length 30 minutes
  • Produced 12/14/2018

You’re pregnant, and you’re wondering, now what? There is a lot to know about pregnancy, your changing body, and your developing baby. So much happens in that first trimester! You will experience changes in your body, your emotions, and your lifestyle. Your baby also goes through a lot of growth, developing into the little person you soon will see in less than nine months! This video takes a look at pregnancy in the first trimester and also talks about your baby’s journey in development. Topics include: •physical symptoms• pregnancy •symptoms •morning sickness •tiredness •breast tenderness •headaches •constipation •weight gain •back pain •emotional symptoms •moodiness •stress •heavy cramping •dehydration •bleeding •diet •caffeine •prenatal vitamins •exercise •sex •smoking •alcohol •fetal development Length 29:52

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