Single Moms, Lesson 1

  • Item # CP-SGM1
  • Length 21 minutes
  • Produced 4/1/2020

Meet founder of CoParenting International, Tammy Daughtry, who has been a co-parent since 2001. Learn about what co-parenting is, is not and what it might be in regards to its impact on children. Explore the question of, “Divorce hurts – will our children be alright?”

Greg Garrett is the emcee of the One Heart, Two Homes resource and was raised by a single mother. Growing up in a divorced home since the age of four, Greg shares the lessons he learned that helped him grow up whole despite coming from a broken home.

Ron Deal is the Director of FamilyLife Blended and is an author, speaker and therapist. Ron offers wisdom and insight in meeting the difficult challenges of co-parenting while providing clear direction for becoming healthy co-parents. Understanding what is parental instead of personal will help co-parents find a new pathway to communicate.

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