Step Moms, Lesson 10

  • Item # CP-SPM10
  • Length 39 minutes
  • Produced 4/1/2020

Co-parenting is not over when the child support ends. Hear from the hearts of these adult children of divorce and learn from their recollections and reflections of the mundane and the significant moments of life.

Explore the topics of divorce and its impact on college, coming home for the first time and navigating summer and Christmas once kids become young adults. In addition, a young adult watching a parents’ marriage unravel produces many deep and significant questions. Dr. Chris Gonzalez discusses some of those questions from a clinical and personal perspective.

What can we learn from 24 years of co-parenting? Long term, real-life co-parents speak to the mindset that helped them develop and maintain a healthy, functional co-parenting relationship for the long-term. Weddings and grandchildren are just a few of the things to be enjoyed in a life-long co-parenting relationship.

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